Based in Santa Cruz, CA, I offer holistic doula support through a full-spectrum of the womb’s process.

Every person undergoing a shift in their womb deserves compassionate, practical, nonjudgemental, educated support. Experiences I can walk with you through include menstruation; abortion; miscarriage; full-term birth; stillbirth; and ectopic, molar & chemical pregnancy. I do this in the form of a Full-Spectrum Doula and Women’s Circle/Red Tent Facilitator. If you are looking for support in one of these areas but don’t know how that support would look, please reach out.

My Story:

What if we looked at the current convergence of crises as the natural shedding of creation to make way for the inevitable rebirth? I have come to this view by apprenticing to the original matrix, the womb, that which grows and sheds as the moon waxes and wanes. The word “matrix” originally meant “womb” and is derived from the Latin word mater “mother”. My womb is my Infinite Teacher, the One who is always within, growing, releasing, giving, and receiving. Her continual evolution is what teaches me that life has limitless potential to rebirth itself and we, being a part of life, simply must awaken into that and choose that reality. If we want any chance of rekindling our passion with the Earth, we must begin respecting and honoring the original matrix: the womb. When anyone, regardless of gender, better understands the womb, they better understand the cycles life must go through. I exist to serve humanity in this awakening/remembering of the cycles of life, manifested as the womb.

But I haven’t always had a connection with my womb.

I haven’t always had a strong network of wise women to support me. After choosing a pregnancy loss that sent me through an existential crisis, I realized I wanted, no, needed to heal my mind/body/spirit. I had a couple wise women I went to and received some guidance, but I craved recognition on a large-scale of what I had been through. I couldn’t fully reconcile with what had happened and I felt disconnected because of the experience to the Divine, so I shut down. I isolated myself because I needed to process but didn’t feel people understood me. I moved to another state and got a boring job I convinced myself I felt passionate about until my body revealed to me it was time for some major changes. My digestion froze up. My menstrual phase was unbearable. I couldn’t physically show up to work anymore. I was picking up on the importance of connecting to my womb space from a couple friends and some readings. When one menstrual phase was so intense for a few hours that I couldn’t get out of bed to get myself to work, I decided: alright womb, I’m listening. A trusted friend told me I would make a great doula, and I remembered a long-time friend and neighbor was a doula. I looked to her for inspiration as I moved home to Santa Cruz and dove full-force into being a doula.

Today I feel passion for the work I do. I see this work as pivotal in reconnecting humanity to the original matrix, the inner matrix: the womb. Through this reconnection, we find our true nature. And to be honest, I still don’t have a strong network of wise women to support me. But it is my prayer that day by day I am participating in the resurgence of that network. I believe it is a fundamental necessity in the fabric of humanity. Women are rising who are wise in the ways of tending to women in the childbearing years. Jai ma!


“Annie encompasses such a beautiful balance of gentle kindness with astute awareness of what is needed by both mother and baby. Her calm, nurturing energy as I recovered with my newborn was so comforting. I appreciated the initiative she took by doing what needed to be done around the house. Annie easily blended with our entire family, including our toddler who adored her sweet demeanor.” – Vanessa, postpartum client

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